Counselling for Workplaces


Work is such a big part of our life. When our work life becomes stressful and unhappy, it can affect the rest of our lives, including our family relationships.

Whether you are an executive, a middle manager, a CEO, or a front-line worker, work can become something we worry about, dread, or feel stuck with.

Workplace conflict, work stress, traumatic incidents at work, bullying, career discontent, or change fatigue can become crippling for anyone.

People need a Counsellor who can be a neutral sounding board and who can give practical advice and strategies to move to a sense of greater choice and control of their experience at work.

They need a Counsellor who can coach them through difficult interpersonal situations.

For 25 years, Geoff has been providing workplace counselling, coaching, mediation, training, and team-building to workers, managers, and work groups.