Counselling for Families

Sometimes situations affect more than one person, or even a couple, and can weigh on entire families.

Sometimes the whole family is facing a situation at the same time.

What one person is going through can affect the entire family.

Some people won’t seek help unless they are accompanied by a family member.

Some people want to be reassured that others are willing to change before they take their own first steps.

Others don’t want to be seen as the one with all the problems and so want everyone to share in the change process.

Some family members only begin to understand what the family is going through when they sit and hear others talk openly and honestly.

Families need to speak to someone who is trained, experienced and actually likes working with family groups.

They need to know that each person’s unique view point will be valued and that all family members can move forward together. Families need to get to a place of feeling understood, accepted by each other and close again.