Geoff Fitzgerald: Counselling In Brisbane

Counselling Service Brisbane

I have been a Counsellor in Brisbane for 25 years, helping countless individuals, couples, families and workplaces to overcome difficulties and grow.

I like to see every crisis and impasse as an opportunity for getting closer to who we want to be and for developing the kind of relationships we want to have.

The kinds of counselling services I provide include:

– Counselling for depression
– Counselling for anxiety
– Counselling to overcome addictions
– Grief and loss counselling
– Overcoming trauma
– Workplace difficulties
– Marriage and relationship counselling
– Family counselling

How Does Counselling Work?

Good counsellors provide a space for you to talk, feel understood and reflect on yourself and your relationship to others.

Good counselling will help you to bear difficult feelings and manage them more effectively.

A good counsellor will provide you with helpful ways of thinking about yourself and others. You will be given tools and strategies to use on your own outside of counselling.

A good counsellor will see beyond your present problem and help you develop into the person you want to be. They will help you to see that problems can be opportunities for growth. They will enable you to hope and to act.

Counselling works when the counsellor has enough experience and breadth of knowledge to understand and relate to lots of different people and problems. Good counsellors don’t try and make you fit into their approach, but change their approach to fit you.

What To Look For In A Counselling Service?

1) Know who it is you are going to see. Get a sense of their qualifications and experience.

2) Make sure your counsellor has plenty of life experience as well as counselling experience.

3) Find a counsellor who has post-graduate qualifications directly relevant to counselling. Make sure they are a member of a relevant professional organisation.

4) Make sure they are solid and experienced and are real counsellors. You don’t want to be going to someone who is using you to learn on. Nor do you want someone who is using counselling as a life experience for themselves.

Why Choose Geoff As Your Counsellor?

– I have both Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees, majoring in Family Therapy.

– I am an Accredited Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers, and an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker.

– I have presented at psychotherapy conferences around Australia.

– I have published two papers in Australia’s most important counselling journal, “Psychotherapy in Australia”.

– I am an accredited provider of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

– I am also a Medicare Provider (Medicare Rebates available with appropriate GP referral)

– I have lived and worked in Brisbane all my life.